The London Diaries - Saturday

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

As you might know from previous posts if you're a loyal reader of this blog, I have been to London recently. The city I like to call my second home and hopefully future home as well! I fell in love with London when I moved there in 2009 and stayed for one and a half years, working as an au-pair for a lovely family in South West London.

Ever since I moved back to Germany I kind of miss London and all it's got to offer, it's vibrancy and cultural diversity. The anonymity and at the same time friendliness and welcoming way of the city that is unlike any other I have ever visited. As my last little weekend trip to the Big Smoke was over two years ago, me and my best friend (who I met au-pairing in London so we basically feel the same way about the city) decided that it was high time to go back again, see our host families and some friends and just fall in love with the place all over again.

So on Saturday the 20th of September it was finally time! We met at Munich airport and with only a little two hour delay (oh EasyJet.. ) we finally took of and touched down on British soil one and a half hours later.
We basically got sentimental as soon as we set foot on Gatwick airport and the feeling didn't quite go away for the entire trip. Not even a 40 minute queue for the train tickets to Victoria could get us down! The train journey was equally emotional e.g. "Look it's Wandsworth Common!", "OMG we're just at Clapham Junction!!", "See that over there? That's Battersea Power Station!" and "Wooooow it's the Thames!" We then arrived at Victoria and made our way to the tube station which displays a dreadful lack of escalators/lifts and the whole process of getting the suitcase up and down staircase after staircase was a proper arm workout, but one I could have done without tbh. Thankfully there's always loads of nice people around in London so I had some help at most times and it wasn't that bad after all!

In Chiswick...

We then District Lined our way to Chiswick where we were staying in a nice little Bed and Breakfast and had a little rest there before heading out to Sainsburys to stock up our own little mini bar. We had planned to go out in the West End that night but seeing that we were so super tired by all the travelling and sitting around at airports early in the morning we couldn't really face it and instead had a super delicious pizza at Franco Manca on Chiswick High Road followed by a cider in a lovely local pub called The Packhorse and Talbot.

Our lovely little hotel

The excitement upon finally arriving at the hotel!

We even had our own little balcony/ rooftop terrace :)

A room with some kind of a view...

We went by Edward Scissorhand's place
The mini bar - oh how we missed Kopparberg!

Ready for a night out that would never actually happen..
Sourdough pizza time at Franco Manca!!

Waiting for my pizza and being suuuuuuper hungry

Pizza's were massive though, so I couldn't eat all of it even though I was starving before!

Local pub The Packhorse and Talbot on Chiswick High Road

Switching things (or ciders) up a little and going for Rekorderlig this time :)


After that we decided to go central after all but just to have a little wander around Westminster, to see the beauty of London at night with all its millions of lights. We wandered around for quite a while, sitting at Trafalgar Square being sentimental (yes, still!) before finally walking back up to Regents Street to catch the night bus home.
It was not at all like we planned the day but I still think it was the perfect start to our five day London experience and I had a good time and the best night's sleep in a long while!

So pretty...

I'll never tire of this sight!

Trafalgar Square nights

94 :)

So this was my Saturday in London. The London Diaries will continue though and I will show you what I got up to for the rest of my time in good old England in the next post! If you like looking at photos from London or are in any way as nosey as I am then stay tuned for the rest of my holiday snaps!

Jess x

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