The London Diaries - Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Welcome back to the last part of my London Diaries! Let me show you what I got up to during my last three days in the city.

Monday and Tuesday were spent doing all the shopping humanly possible therefore I didn't take a lot of photos I was too busy running in and out of shop after shop! We eventually had to give up before we've even been to all the shops we wanted to go to because we literally couldn't carry any more bags! What can I say? I consider it a workout! We've mainly focused on Oxford Street but have also been in the Covent Garden area and just had two all round nice days out in sunny London. We had lunch at Wagamamas on Monday and Nandos on Tuesday, two places I really wish we would have in Germany!

Flowers at Turnham Green Station

Delicious Monmouth coffee at Victoria

The Royal Courts of Justice right opposite Twinings where we spent a good amount of money on tea :) Haul coming soon!

Classical busking in Covent Garden! They were really good and their music gave the whole market such a nice atmosphere!

Some of my shopping...

We also took the tube down to Kew on Monday evening and had a lovely stroll through the area! It's so pretty down there! I found at least three houses I would move into immediately without having to think about it twice, but I think it's fair to say they are somewhat out of my price range.. Also the strangest thing happened when we were wandering around Kew! Out of nowhere a woman suddenly stepped in front of me and asked me to hold her eight month old baby while she folded up the push chair to go in the back of her car! So random! But the woman was actually really nice and little Christian was the smiliest and most happy child I have ever seen and he seemed very content to be held by a stranger! Haha the whole experience was so random and strange but still so nice to see that apparently I look quite trustworthy and that people, even in a city as huge as London still trust each other and  find the time to chat to strangers and are generally so nice to each other! Or at least that's the experience I made and keep making. One of the many reasons I love this city!

Tuesday night was spent with a stroll around Soho. China Town at night is just so pretty! We then ate our feelings in ice cream at Häagen-Dasz on Leicester Square before heading to the Odeon to watch What If, a nice little easy to watch romcom with Daniel Radcliffe (who looks mighty fine here.. just saying..) and Zoe Kazan. We wanted a chilled night without any power walks like we did the days before, as we had to pack that night and check out of our hotel early the next morning.

China Town by night <3

Chocolate brownie ice cream! It's literally an ice-cream-dream come true!!

Relaxed cinema night with WHAT IF. I really want to see THE RIOT CLUB as well, I mean THAT cast!!

Tired faces on our way home waiting for the tube

On Wednesday we waved good bye to lovely Chiswick and headed to King's Cross to catch the Hogwarts Express ;) I've been wanting to go see Platform 9 3/4 for ages and never got round to do it so you can imagine how happy I was to finally be there! I totally turned into a little child at Christmas when I finally got to roll my trolley through the wall haha! If you're as much of a Harry Potter fan as I am I recommend you go there immediately!
We then got ourselves some lunch before heading to the airport to catch our flight back home. Sad times..

Good Bye Chiswick! You were beautiful!

Off to Hogwarts, stopping at King's Cross St. Pancras first..


Photo bombed by a Muggle!

Pasty and wedges :)

Random swing outside King's Cross station..


I had such an amazing time in London! As always there wasn't nearly enough time to do everything we wanted to do and see everything we wanted to see but it was still so good to be back! I hope you enjoyed my little travel diary as much as I enjoyed writing it! Leave me a comment and tell me if you've been to London before and what you like most about the city! It can be a park, a shop, a restaurant or any pretty little spot in town. I'm looking forward to hear what you like most about the city!

Jess x

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