DIY Autumn Decorations

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gosh I can't believe that this is actually the first little DIY I post on here! One DIY in eight months of blogging is a bit underwhelming really but I think as it's now autumn, my favourite!, and the festive season is drawing closer there will be a lot more crafty things on here! Today I wanted to show you the little things I made (and picked up) to make my room look cosy and autumnal and maybe a little halloween-y.

I made a little decorative glass candle holder. I thought it'd be a good investment to get a big glass bowl for this as I can then change the contents according to the season!

For my autumnal version I filled the bottom of the glass bowl with some gold dust (you can get this from any crafts store, I got mine at NanuNana in Nuremberg) then I placed the candle in the middle and worked it in the gold dust so it wouldn't slide around. I then put some gold stone pebbles and a handful of conkers all around the candle. I topped it off with a pine cone, some acorn tops and some flowers for the pop of colour they bring. This is super easy and quick to make, it gets you out of the house breathing fresh air when you go looking for your conkers and pine cones and it makes for a nice decorative item in your house. You can obviously switch up things a little and add some colourful leaves, some rosehips or whatever you come across really and make this all yours!

I keep it on my little "green table" as I like to call it together with a little orange pumpkin and some more candles and fairy lights. I love coming home from uni in the evenings, lighting all the candles, switching on the fairy lights and just relaxing in bed nearby with a nice cup of tea and a good book! Also the best pick me up on gloomy days as it just makes me feel so cosy and homely!

I hope you liked this little post and maybe it inspired you to make something similar for yourselves? It is quite easy after all.. ;-) Thank you for reading!

Jess x

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