Monthly Goals: October

Friday, October 03, 2014

So it is October and I'm not quite sure how this happened! I remember very clearly the day I've been typing up my September goals post and that was basically only yesterday.. However I cannot even try to conceal the excitement I feel about it being October, finally properly autumn and Halloween not far away at all! So with the new month comes a couple of new goals as well as a review of how I did with last months' aims.


  • So I wanted to get back into the swing of things with uni work and start by doing some revision work and prepare myself for the semester ahead. Well... what can I say... except... it did not happen! I don't know why this was a total fail but even just the mere thought of doing work for uni made me wanna burst into tears so instead I've been mastering the skill of procrastination to a black belt level!
  • I also wanted to go shopping to get my autumn/winter wardrobe ready to go and surprise, surprise, this I found way easier to do than goal #1. So I went shopping multiple times and while there are still a couple of pieces missing that I really really need to have in my A/W closet I'm quite happy with all my finds so far! Some of them are actually featuring in the last instalment of my Seasonal Synopsis series, which will be all about autumn fashion and my favourite outfits. Now if you've been reading this blog for a while and have been keeping up to date with mentioned series you might have wondered where the hell the promised fashion post is (I did say it would be up in September didn't I...). Due to unforeseen complications I couldn't yet get it ready for you, as the photos I took vanished without a trace and I need to find time to take them again or more likely find a friend with some time on their hands to take them for me. But fear not - it will be up, I promise!
  • I think except for all the problems with the last part of the series I did an OK job with my goal to keep posting throughout September. There might not be quite as many posts up as I hoped there would be but analytics tell me that the posts that went up were quite popular with you guys!
  • Last goal was definitely utterly neglected! However I have made a little Amazon order that includes 'Mary Berry's 100 Cakes and Bakes' and I am so gonna start baking my way through this book as soon as it'll arrive! Let me know if you'd like to see me bake or share a delicious recipe with you and I will definitely do that!


1) DO SOME UNI WORK! No procrastinating, no whining, no feeling sorry for yourself! Just do it! Uni will start next week and it's vital I keep up to date with everything from the beginning, maybe have a proper revision day on which I will ALWAYS go through everything new I learnt that week and hopefully that will give me a head start in exam preparation and less stress come January exams! Also study with friends, go to tutorials, don't be lazy!

2) Eat healthier! I don't even know why I find this so hard. There are weeks in which I'll just be super good with my food and eat clean and healthy stuff only and then all of a sudden comes back that craving of pizza, pasta and all the sugary goodness in the world. As you're reading this, I will be on my way to Italy and sure enough I will feast on pizza and pasta and gelato for the entire weekend but after that I want to promise myself to go back to healthy, clean eating (+ the occasional Mary Berry cake.. you gotta treat yourself right?)

3) Go to the gym! Somewhere in the vastness of my wallet, hidden behind student cards, bank cards, loyalty cards of astonishing variety and even some old receipts is that little black gym membership card that I am being reminded of each month as I look at my bank statements. Now it's not like I'm being lazy fitness wise, I am actually going running rather regularly but I think I could count the times I've been to the gym this year with the fingers on one hand. NOT GOOD! I don't really enjoy throwing money out of the window - I just don't have the budget for that kinda thing - so this month I will finally start going to the gym again and maybe I will even like it again?

4) Figure out what you're gonna do on Halloween! I'm always getting excited about Halloween months before it actually happens and yet somehow manage to not have an outfit/ make-up idea by 9pm on the 31st of October. HOW DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN? Also figure out if there's a cool party to go to or if you're just gonna hang with friends at least a week in advance!

So this is what I will be working on for the next 31 days! How about you? Have you got similar goals? Or completely different ones? Let me know in the comments below.

Jess x

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