Sunday, March 16, 2014

So, I went to IKEA. Need I say more? As per usual I bought loads and loads of extremely necessary items, such as a mug (I only own about a dozen of them so I did NEED it!) But that's what always happens when you go to IKEA isn't it?
You go there because you really need two or three things and you end up with a shopping trolley full of goodies and a hot dog to go. But that's what makes going there so exciting right?! I've been meaning to go for absolutely ages now, so when I found myself with some time on my hands and ghastly windy/rainy weather outside this Saturday I got in the car and finally made it there. I went with my mum who wanted to reequip the kitchen cupboards. We had a good time raiding the halls even though it was absolutely packed - everybody seems to be spending their Saturdays at IKEA! I got a bit dreamy about all the furniture and stuff I would buy for my own flat and how I would want every room to look but I guess I'll have to patient for a little longer.. So after we had a thorough look at everything in store we made our way to the Swedish Food section where I got some 'kakor' and 'knäckebröd råg' - yum! We finished our IKEA excursion with the obligatory hot dog and drove home excited about all the new things we got.

So here's what I got:

Swedish food - highly unnecessary purchase but. oh. yum!

A pair of KASSETT holders, in an attempt to organise next semester's documents from the very beginning!
Some pretty flowers and flower pots + candles to make my room all nice and cosy, and that white little flower pot thing for make-up organisation!
Also a couple of lunchboxes (actually needed some!), the coolest glassbottle, a thermos flask and the cutest, absolutely massive mug!

I just had to get the red GURLI blanket, it's a real eyecatcher in my room and it's super cosy too!

HÄLSA thermos flask - because winter will be back...
I also bough a set of these cute little tea strainers SAKKUNNIG, which you just fill with tea leaves and then easily clip to your mug! Perfect for a tea addict!
My old vanilla candle (middle) is almost finished with so I bought a new one and a little coconut one to accompany the other two!

The glass bottle I mentioned earlier is perfect for serving homemade lemonade in :)
Tea and knäckebröd time!
For getting a little more organised with my make-up and actually being able to store (almost) all of it in one place, I got a little BYHOLMA wickerbasket! It looks really nice in my room!

And last but by no means least I finally got the EMMIE LAND duvet cover which I've been eyeing up for quite a while now and am so pleased by the look of it on my bed! :)


Have you been to IKEA lately? What did you get? Do you also get absolutely overexited about going shopping for home stuff? Let me know in the comments below!

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