Back to Uni - Desk Organisation and What's in my College Bag

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My college bag filled with the essentials for a day at Uni.

 Last week uni started again after a nice regeneration phase of over a month. Holidays were beautiful even though I didn't go anywhere special just spent the time catching up with friends, relaxing and watching innumerable TV series.

The new semester started with quite a challenge! Trying to get all my lectures into a somewhat sensible schedule was not easy. I'm convinced that mine is only semi-sensible at best, but well, it worked out somehow!

I really wanted to make an effort to get all my uni stuff organised asap and also to keep it that way throughout the semester. For that purpose I made some extra space on my desk and also got some desk organisers from Ikea, as you might have seen in my IKEA HAUL.

In my 'motivational corner' I keep all the books I need throughout the semester as well as different coloured folders for each subject. There's also a massive folder with old documents simply because I got no other place for it. 
The second photo pictures my life time supply of page markers and post-its because.. well.. I just love using them, I feel they make life a lot easier.

What's in my college bag?

 As you've seen in the first picture I don't exactly travel light but I'm trying hard to stick to a minimum of things and stop carrying stuff around with me that I absolutely don't need (It's hard, I'm not gonna lie..)

 I have in my bag:
  •  a small pencil case (from Depot) filled with a biro and a couple of highlighter pens
  • my wallet (from Pieces)
  • my earphones (for the time I spend on public transport every day)
  • My glasses (which will soon be replaced by new ones - watch out for a post in which I'll be raving about my new frames ;) )
  • my organiser
  • documents and books I need for the day's lectures
  • hand cream (I cannot leave the house without it, this one's from Neutrogena and it's great!)
  • A bottle of water (I'm trying (and failing) to drink at least 2.5 litres of water a day so this is essential) 

My bag's from Aldo but I got it over a year ago now so I'm not sure it'll still be in stock. It looks super nice and is just the right size for me.

Did you recently go back to or started college? What's your college bag essentials? Let me know in the comments below.


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