Summer Travel Plans?

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Lately the weather got a lot nicer here in Germany, it acually feels somewhat like spring so I decided it was time to make some travel plans for the summer.
Now I'm a student which means my budget is somewhat restricted and therefore I will most certainly not be leaving Europe but hey there are so many great places, cities and countries I haven't yet seen so really this shouldn't be an issue. But don't you agree that it seems somehow unfair that now - being a student - you would very much have the time to travel the world but not the money and as soon as you finally earn enough money to afford all the travelling - having left uni behind - there's so little time left for it? Anyways I thought I'd share with you my top 10 European travel destinations and maybe you could help me decide where my summer holidays should be spent this year!

 I'm thinking about Crete or Santorini. I have never been to Greece but friends who have all said it was beautiful and I think the photos confirm that..

 Again I have never been to Spain but always really wanted to.. maybe it's time to do it this year?

 Well I have most definitely been to France before, I have lived in Paris once and also visit Strasbourg rather regularly but I would love to go to the Côte d'Azur next and get out that rusty old French of mine..

 London is my one true love, I lived in the city for one and a half years and had the best time of my life there! However it's been two years since I last visited so it's high time to go again I think!

 A friend of mine is living in Northern Ireland at the moment and I would love to visit her there! Also it would make sure that we continue our let's-meet-at-least-once-a-year kind of thing! And the Giant's Causeway is a must-see if you ask me..

 This has been on my list for absolutely ages! I'm a little obsessed with Swedish stuff and even started to learn the language so I really should go to Stockholm to get some practice speaking it!

 Amsterdam is so romantic and cool at the same time and another one of those cities I've been meaning to visit for years. Maybe this year.

 So much history! I think everybody should go and see it!

 Another Italian destination! I've once been on holidays very, very, very close to Venice in a place called Lido di Jesolo and all we would have had to do to get to Venice was to take a ferry there. My travel companions however didn't want to go (or in fact do anything but lying on the beach) and I never really got over that! Time to finally go?

 Probably the most achievable one of all the places on this list. Vienna is not actually that far from where I live so I feel it's a shame I've never seen it. Worth a weekend trip?

So this is ten of the many places I want to see! Have you been to any of these? Which ones can you recommend? Where do you think I should spend my summer holidays?

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