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Sunday, February 08, 2015

No, you're eyes aren't playing tricks on you! It's true! It's real! I'm alive and posting! I'm so sorry for the long silence on here but I've been super busy with uni this last month and didn't really find much time for blogging let alone find the inspiration for a blog post as I've literally been sat at my desk studying all day everyday surgically attached to scripts and books and all sorts of revision material, leaving the house only for the most necessary of errands. But the semester is almost over, most of my exams are done and dusted and things are (ever so slightly) looking up again. Exam period for me means lots of online shopping to cheer myself up and so today I thought I'd show you my little Origins skincare haul.

It all started off with me finishing my favourite daytime moisturiser the Origins GinZing energy-boosting moisturizer. So naturally I went on the Douglas website to order a new one and found this little set that includes a big tub of the GinZing moisturiser I was after in the first place as well as a couple of minis that got me all excited. There's the Clear Improvements charcoal mask, the Modern Friction gentle dermabrasion and a No Puffery cooling roll on for puffy eyes. I thought this was a great way to get to know some products I haven't yet tried and also perfect to take away on little holidays and weekend trips!

This is not my first time repurchasing the GinZing moisturiser. I love it so much I think it's super hydrating for my skin and sinks in quickly which is a must for my morning skincare as I don't wanna wait around before being able to put my makeup on. It also lasts me super long because a little goes a long way with this which for me justifies that it's a little more pricey than other moisturisers out there.

I already got the full size version of the charcoal mask and love, love, love it!! I use it when I have bad breakouts and it literally works wonders! It does dry out the skin but I just slather on some hydrating moisturiser afterwards and all is good. I'm loving having a mini sized version of it now to take away with me when travelling - just in case there is a severe skin emergency..

I haven't yet gotten round to giving the cooling roll-on a go but I'm excited to do so! I've been looking for a nice cooling, soothing under eye treatment for a while now as I get really puffy and red eyes sometimes that just feel super tired and sore so I'm hoping this will help.

The peeling is the only product I haven't heard much of before. Again I haven't tried this yet but think it will get a place in my travel skincare bag. Have you tried this yet? What did you think? How do you like it?

Are you an Origins fan as well? What's your must-have products? Leave me a comment to let me know :-)

Jess x

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