4 little Things to Healthify your Everyday Life

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Eating healthily and staying fit 24/7 is quite a task for most of us. There's fast food cravings and days that are hard to get through without chocolate. There's busy days where we just cannot face a salad but need all the comfort food in the world. And you know what, that's ok. Because there's a few tiny little things we can all incorporate into our daily routines that make life a little healthier and us feel a lot better about ourselves! It definitely helped me :)

Start your day with a bowl of matcha

Matcha, or green tea powder is packed with antioxidants which help your body fight free radicals (they attack cells and can be the cause of many illnesses, cancer being one of them). One cup of matcha has as many antioxidants as 10 cups of brewed green tea! Matcha boosts your metabolism and detoxifies naturally. It is also said to lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Matcha powder is a great source of fibre, chlorophyll, vitamin C, zinc and magnesium and therefore enhances your mood and aids concentration. And you only need one to two little teaspoons full of matcha powder for one energising bowl of goodness! Fill the bowl with about 80 - 100ml of hot (not boiling!) water and whisk with a bamboo whisk, or milk frother until you've got lots of bubbles on the surface. And that's all you need to do! Easy right? You will definitely have the time to make a bowl everyday, maybe to kick start your day in the morning?

Drink enough water - made easier with infused water

I'm not telling you anything new here, we've all heard it before but I have to say I'm still struggling with this from time to time. We should all drink round about 2 litres of water every day (it varies a little depending on your height and things like that) which sometimes just seems like LOADS! What really helped me is using this blogilates bottle everyday. It kind of makes drinking water a bit more fun, especially as it has this little filter to infuse your water with fruit or herbs. I'm obsessed with strawberry and mint infused water at the moment and that way I definitely get my 2 litres in every day! :-)

Designate some time for working out

This is where I'm all too easily distracted by literally everything else. I'm often finding excuses, my main one being that I don't really have the time. But like I said it's no more than an excuse. Even in a busy week I will definitely have the time to go for a half an hour run or something like that, maybe on the weekend. So really it's just getting in the mindset of wanting to do it. A mistake we often make is taking on too much. Going from zero to one hundred won't work! Start slowly. Maybe this week you only had enough time for one little run of half an hour and that's fine don't beat yourself up about it. Next week you might be able to fit in two workout days. What really helped me sticking to working out was designating an hour on one day per week where I will definitely go for a run or do a home workout if the weather's too bad. This way I know for sure that I will get some work on my fitness done and oftentimes finishing that workout makes me feel so good about myself that I want more of it and I'm more likely to find some more time that week for sports. Try it ;-)

Have some Me-Time

I talked a lot about physical health so far but healthifying your life also means working on your mental well-being. Stress and burnout are sadly quite common illnesses in our modern society so it's more important than ever to take the time to just relax and be you. I love my Me-Time, putting on a face mask, listening to podcasts or some of my favourite tunes or just reading a book and I make sure I have some time to do these things every single day. Sometimes life gets the better of us and there won't be any time to sit down and chill but then there's always the weekend! Think about yourself and what you need and ever so often it's ok to put yourself first! 

I hope this little post gave you some inspiration on how to live a healthier life. I'm not saying you need to do all of this and I'm not trying to lecture you either. These are just a few things that helped me feeling better and healthier, that were easy to incorporate in my life without taking too much time or effort. I would love for you to leave me a comment if there's any tips you have that I haven't mentioned yet, let's help each other out :)

Lots of Love,
Jess xx

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  1. This provided me with some much needed motivation so thank you! I'm no heading to the shop to pick up some matcha :)


    1. Haha you're welcome! :) Enjoy your matcha fix :) xx

  2. Me time! The most mentally healthy way, for sure :). Side note, I've always wanted to try one of those sheet masks and never had the chance!
    Katie | Words By Katie

    1. I know right! So so important for us all :) It was my first time trying one too haha! Definitely felt a bit weird :) xx

  3. Loved this! :-) Great post!