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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Soooo.. it's the 14th of April and therefore officially my birthday!!! :-) I'm turning 26 today which is just as scary as it sounds! I still remember making a big fuss about turning 20, you know what with my teenage years being over and entering real adulthood. I don't know what I was thinking! I'm now well into my 'mid-twenties', new famous singers and rising Hollywood stars are increasingly younger than me and yeah.. I can't say I like it all that much. But then again, looking at my life and all the things I've done and experienced and worked for so far have been great and I wouldn't wanna miss a moment of that time so far, so really I'm being ridiculous moaning about turning a year older. I'm grateful for everything that I got to do and all the people I met along the way so really it's been 26 kinda great years! And so to celebrate my birthday with you today I wanted to share 26 photos of memorable moments of the last year - because a picture as we all know is worth a thousand words.

I finished my dissertation - and University!! :)

The day I realised that certain people are just not worth giving a f*** about - and that's OK    :D

I visited beautiful Bayreuth and its 'Eremitage'

I've been chillin' on a net 10m above ground :)

I went to Frankfurt for the first time and was rained on all day    :D

With our incredibly hot summer last year I've been hanging around our local lakes in my bikini a lot   :)

I moved to LONDON! Still (and forever) my favourite city in the world!

Home away from home - Clapham South   :)

I finally got to visit Kew gardens and loved it! It was such a gorgeous late summer's day

I had my first ever raw food experience with my friend Helen at Tanya's Chelsea

I made so many new friends! I'm glad I met Helen in London and got to explore the city with her equipped with our big girl cameras  :)

I saw the Charles Petillon installation in Covent Garden and ever since then want to decorate my own place with a ceiling full of glowing balloons   :D

Many a 'cider in the park moment' happened   :)

I learned a lot more about my DSLR camera and how to make the most of it, taking beautiful photos!

I properly celebrated Halloween for the first time in years and it was 'bloody' amazing! See what I did there haha  :D

And I finally got to visit Columbia Road flower market! Pretty flowers, pretty crowded too!

Old friendships were rekindled and I'm happy to have certain people back in my life  :)

I've been nightbussing my way around London  :D

Had lots of fun with my London girls! 90s nights out and all   :)

Art appreciation. I loved being able to visit galleries and museums whenever I felt like it! Perks of living in London eh?!  :)

I found the world's most impressive Christmas 'tree' at my friend Rebecca's place and together we made the most of advent time each Sunday in December  :)

I spent a day in Windsor with my friend Svenja and enjoyed the small town's christmassy streets and alleys!

I went iceskating at the Natural History museum and had the best time! No falls just some close calls haha! I was a little out of practise but just realised all over again how much I like iceskating!

And I met even more lovely people I wouldn't wanna miss! Here's us on a windy day up a hill in Greenwich park   :)

I spent christmas with all my family after not having seen them in almost 5 months  :)

C'est ca! 26 photos from the last year! I will be off stuffing my face with tea and cake and unpacking presents now! Cause calories don't exist if it's your birthday right? Right! I hope you all have a great day as well, go out, have fun and enjoy the sun  :)

Lots of Love,
Jess xx

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  1. Aww what a lovely post! :) Wishing you a Very happy birthday!!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. Thank you Renee! I had a lovely day with friends and family :) xx