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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Woooooow... long time no see! I know I've been pretty absent from this blog for almost a month now and there will be a little blog post explaining a little more about what's been going on and why I haven't been on top of everything blog but seriously where has the past month gone?!?! It's like I blinked and October turned into December! I have however still managed to take heaps and heaps of photographs these past couple of months here in London so I thought - as a picture is worth a thousand words - I'll just show you what's been going on in a couple of snaps from my autumn in London.

Taking in the beauty of my favourite city :)

On route to the King's Road!

I took nice, long autumnal walks through the parks of London

Tights season! YAY!! :)

Regents Park

The view from Primrose Hill on a sunny day! Oh how I love you London!

I celebrated Halloween with friends :)

I went and watched Kylie Minogue switch on the Oxford Street Christmas lights

I had a friend from back home visit me here in London :)

We went to watch the Crystal Palace Fireworks on Bonfire Night!

And I did my best London tour guide impression :)

I love you London.

Many a wander through Borough Market was had..

I've visited Greenwich countless times.. it's just such a nice part of London that doesn't really feel like London at all!

We went to 221b Baker Street and had a rummage through Sherlock's things.. :)

Mulled Wine and the occasional Winter Pimms have become my beverage of choice :D

I've got most of my Christmas shopping done already! These are the pretty Christmas lights at Westfield Shepherds Bush

Night Bus Life...

Strolls through Columbia Road flower market

ALL the food! Pancakes at My Old Dutch, Lebanese in Clapham, Pizza in Soho, Nandos of course.. And my friend was even brave enough to try a proper (disgusting - no offence) full English breakfast! Safe to say our stomachs are just not cut out for this kinda thing.. :D

I went to Greenwich again :D This time looking all christmassy :)

Friends without a view :D

There's beauty in everything...

I stepped back in time on Ballast Quay...

Christmas at the Painted Hall/ Hogwarts Great Hall :)

So, that was a lot of photos! I hope that gave you a little insight into my life these past couple of months! Like I said before I will explain a little bit more about everything that's been going on in a separate post I'm working on. I'm glad to be back at blogging and have a few new (Christmas heavy) posts lined up for you as well! :) So I hope you're all good and had a great time too! Are you looking forward to Christmas as much as I do?

Lots of Love,
Jess x

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