My January In Retrospect

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hello lovely people of the internet! I'm starting this new series on the blog in which I'll be reviewing every month of the year - good and bad - and sharing some snaps of my highlights as well.I thought this was a good way of giving you a bit more of an insight into my life as well as for me to remember things and maybe live life a little more consciously. So let's get into my JANUARY IN RETROSPECT:

So January was definitely the month where the realisation that I'm not in London anymore hit me hard. I left London in December, a couple of days before Christmas so really I haven't been living in London for about 2 weeks when January came around, but what with all the celebrations - Christmas, NYE and so forth - that time kinda flew past and there was so much to do and everything was so much fun that there wasn't even time to think about anything London. So in the calm after the storm that is January it hit me: I left London, I'm back here in Germany and I need to start a new job asap!

And I found myself a job! My first ever real, full time, post uni job in recruiting! Whoop whoop! I started mid January and let me tell you people - it's a BIG change! And I really thought uni was exhausting haha! I can't say I have fully adapted to my new routine yet, getting up early, working long hours and getting home late Monday through to Friday is more than a bit of a change to uni days and real different to my last couple of months au pairing in London. But well, I guess it just takes time.. and once summer comes round and the days get longer again (and it won't be dark before work as well as after) I will probably have a little more energy to do stuff after work than I do now..

One thing that really helped me through missing London, adapting to my new situation and the general January Blues is that I can honestly say that I might just have the best friends in the whole wide world! Seriously.. I can't thank them enough for always being there for me when I need somebody to talk (or moan to) about life. You know who you are! ;-) I'm also quite lucky to have made so many great friends from all over the world that take the time to ask how my day was even though they live in different countries and different time zones even! I feel really blessed!

Then suddenly in January the long awaited real winter came to Germany with lots of snow and icy temperatures of about -15 degrees. I love the winter simply because I can get all of my snuggly scarves out, dress up like the Yeti (always a good thing if you ask me..) and take loooong wintery walks through the Bavarian countryside before snuggling up on the sofa with a big cup of hot tea and a good book - BLISS! :-)

Ice, ice baby :) me and my mum on the ice circa 1992

So that's my little look back on January 2016. How did you spend the last couple of weeks? Did you have a good start into the new year? And how long did it take you guys to adapt to life after uni and full time jobs? Please leave me a comment to let me know lovelies :-)

Lots of Love,
Jess xx

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