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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Soooooo.. I've been back in Germany for ALMOST a month now and already I'm feeling the wanderlust! Routine has caught up on me full force and with having started a new job and working full time now (where has all that free time gone?!) I really long for the time to go exploring again. So for today's post I thought I'd do this little travel tag (which I haven't been tagged to do.. such a rebel I know.. :D ). 

Where was your first plane to? 
LONDON! Believe it or not the first ever plane I got was when I was 19 years old and went on my biggest adventure thus far, to live in London as an au pair! I know, pretty late huh? But growing up in Germany most family holidays to Italy, Hungary and so forth were done by car. And that was totally normal for me simply because I guess distances in Europe are easily manageable by car. So yeah.. I was 19, I was on my way to London and I was all by myself and I still remember that day soooo vividly - it could have been yesterday! It definitely was the start of the best time of my life and more so to my insatiable wanderlust.

London - Love of my life

You're leaving tomorrow. Money is no object. Where do you go?
New Zealand! I would love love love to go to New Zealand and if I had not only the money but also loads of time (paradox right there.. ) I'd be on a plane to Auckland in the blink of an eye. Whenever I see photos of that beautiful country wanderlust comes in full force. Breathtaking landscapes and so much to do and see, I just hope I'll have the opportunity to one day actually go there and see for myself. 

Where have you travelled to that you would love to travel again?
First and foremost I have to mention London of course, but seeing as I only just got back from living in my dream city for four and a half months while also knowing that I'll be back there in a mere 6 months I think I'm good for now London wise. Another city I would love to visit again (and this time in the summer months!) is Chicago. I loved Chicago and I think there's so much more to see still and in the summer when everything's all pretty and green it must be even more stunning!

Chicago - so pretty at night

Preferred method of travel: planes, trains or cars?
Weeeell.. I must be going for planes here.. even though I think airports might just be the dreariest places on earth! But all in all the way you can just literally go anywhere in a matter of hours when on a plane is definitely a big bonus of air travel. I don't get on trains if I can avoid it which might be due to the fact that I relied on them for years during school and uni and I'm just bored of waiting around for them and dealing with their constant strike actions and all of that. If we're talking nationwide travel though I'd go for the car.. you don't need to meticulously pack your suitcase when you travel by car, you decide when you start and you can sing along to your favourite music blasting out in full volume - what's not to love?

Favourite travel website?
Uhm.. that's a tricky one.. I'm not sure I got a favourite travel website. I gotta say I'm old fashioned like that and I love nothing more than big old travel guide books, I could read in them forever. Other than that I'm pretty reliant on blogs when it comes to advice on where to get the best burger in town and which museum is worth my while.. at least if we're talking city trips, because someone has always already been there :)  

Where would you travel just to eat the food?
Hmmm... Italy? I love ALL the Italian food and I love me a big old carb fest so yeah Italy would be great just for the food alone. But that being said, I've been to Italy a few times already so maybe I would go to Japan simply to see what sushi is like there - it must be on a completely different level to what we Europeans get here. 

Nori Sushi Chicago - the best sushi I ever had!

Is there a place you would never go again?
Luckily I've never been disappointed with any place I visited, so no regrets there! Actually if I was offered to revisit any of the places I've been to before I'd happily say yes! 

Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?
Nooooo.. can anybody?  

Do you prefer window, aisle or middle seat?
Window, all the way! You can get nice bird's eye views from there, curl up and sleep without drooling on your neighbour's shoulder and just generally have a little more privacy I feel. I can handle aisle seat if I must but middle seats are an absolute no-no!

How do you pass the time on the airplane? 
I've always got a book on me when I travel so a lot of reading, also listening to podcasts or chilling out to the music on my phone helps a lot. If it's a long haul flight I always hope there's good movies on the entertainment system or else will download something to watch on my laptop to pass some time.

I tag all of you fellow travel lovers and wanderlusters to do this tag as well! Leave me links to your blogs if you do so I can have a read :)

Lots of Love,
Jess xx

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