50 Things That Make Me Happy TAG

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


I've seen this lovely little tag on Beth's blog Alphabeth and knew straight away that even though I wasn't tagged I still really wanted to write up a happy list. 50 things however seemed like quite a lot at first but there's so many little things that can turn your frown upside down that should be mentioned as well. So read on to see what makes me happy.

1. A lie-in on a Sunday morning
2. A good book that makes me forget everything around me
3. A long, nice bubble bath with essential oils, candles and music in the background
4. Summer days by the lake with friends and watermelons
5. Spending time with my family
6. Getting into bed when the sheets are all fresh and smell so good
7. Travelling and seeing all the wonderful places here and there and everywhere :)
8. Having finished uni is like a weight lifted off my shoulders
9. Rainy autumn days spend inside with a cup of tea and a book
10. Spending time with my friends and laughing til our tummies hurt

11. Snow on Christmas Eve
12. Pasta, Lasagna, Pizza and all the Italian food
13. A sushi date
14. That feeling you get when you come home after a long run and take a cold shower
15. Being able to make my dreams come true and move to England
16. Liquorice and Peppermint tea
17. The scent of rain on a summer's day
18. The smell of a new book and its adventures
19. Taking walks through the forest which is my absolute favourite place in the world, so calming
20. Reading, watching and obsessing over Harry Potter

21. Beer gardens
22. Being able to wear my wellies without looking like a weirdo
23. Hobbits (German cookies not small people with hairy feet.. ;) )
24. Ticking off To Do Lists
25. Seeing my favourite bands live
26. Buying new shoes
27. Scarf weather
28. Looking through old photographs
29. My orchid
30. Good grades (nerd alert..)

31. People who just friendly greet you in the street with no apparent reason to do so
32. Learning more and more about photography and the use of Photoshop
33. New stationary
34. Fresh flowers in my room
35. Scented candles
36. Swedish cider
37. Going to the cinema
38. Being beside the sea
39. Typing that final word of my dissertation knowing that that's uni done
40. Vanilla and lavender scented things

41. Thinking of and ever so often getting to spend time with all the lovely people I met on my travels
42. Pistachio ice cream
43. This little blog and the blogging community
44. London - and all its big lights and even bigger opportunities
45. Windy, stormy, starry nights
46. Being my best friend's maid of honour
47. Pumpkins
48. Sunflower fields
49. Going food shopping
50. Market shopping for old books and vintage goodness

What makes you happy? I tag all of you bloggers reading this to think about the 50 things that make you happy and share them in a post as well :) You can also leave me a comment and let me know the things on your happy lists! :) Also please check out Beth's absolutely lovely blog here and subscribe too if you like what you see :)

Lots of Love,
Jess xx

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  1. Great list! :) I really love lavender and vanilla together as well! Such a calming scent!

    Renee | Lose The Road