A Weekend In West London - First Steps | Photo Diary

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hello lovelies! I'm still adjusting to all the new: living in a new city, a foreign country and not really knowing anybody and all that so I struggled a little to find inspiration to blog recently. I can easily get a little discouraged to do the things I love when I'm not feeling on top of things and not at my best. But nevertheless I'm good and I like being in London and walking the streets and parks of my favourite city again! So last weekend I decided to get out of my Netflix rut and grabbed my DSLR and headed west. Notting Hill is such a pretty area of London and I enjoy being there a lot! I've also had a little wander through Kensington gardens and finally ended up in the West End for Wagamamas at Covent Garden and to finally see the Charles Pétillon installation in the market hall in all its light pulsing glory. It's seriously stunning! Here are some snaps from my weekend, and what a sunny one it was!

You can see how much I loved Charles Pétillon's Heartbeat in Covent Garden by the amount of photos in this post (which is in fact only a small fraction of the pictures I took.. haha). Well it was a long day out so I returned home to beautiful Clapham South absolutely exhausted and ready for a bath and bed! I hope you liked this rather picture heavy post of my first steps in London.. I suspect a couple more of these are to follow in the coming months :)

Lots of Love,
Jess x

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