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Friday, August 28, 2015

I've been wanting to do a post on my skincare routine for so long now but then always switched things around a bit and never really stuck to a set routine with set products so it never seemed like I could write a proper post on it. But things changed! I'm so happy with all the products I'm currently using and have been using for months now that I decided it was finally time to share. My skin in case you wondered is combination on good days and oily on most days - it's a constant battle. I'm prone to breakouts so my skincare is mainly targeted at keeping those at bay.

Let's start with the mornings:

My morning routine consists very much of hydrating and moisturising products to counteract the often drying products I use to battle breakouts. I use the Avène Cleanance cleansing gel to give my face a good cleanse in the morning and a little wake up call with the cold water I use to wash it off. I then give my skin a moisture boost with the vitamin E hydrating toner from the Body Shop. After that has sunk in I layer on more moisture with my all time favourite moisturiser GinZing by Origins which smells so so good and citrussy and is perfect for the mornings. It also sinks into my skin super quickly so I don't have to wait around before I'm able to put my makeup on. 

My eyes get their own wake up call with the Origins No Puffery cooling eye roll on. I love this stuff! It's cooling and gives my undereye area the energy boost it needs in the AMs.

Once a week I also incorporate an exfoliant (I will use this instead of my toner) to help even my complexion and - again - to counteract any spots that might want to appear. I use this Gentle Exfoliator by Clarins, which works with Glycolic Acid. It's a bit on the pricey side but it really does what it says on the bottle and brightens your face and evens your complexion while making pores appear smaller. I also kind of really like the scent of this toner, very clean and fresh. There's alcohol in this one which doesn't bother me but might be too drying for other, less oily skin types.

Moving on to the PM routine.. I obviously start by taking off my makeup. On lighter makeup days I will only use the Bioderma (I'm using this travel sized bottle at the moment because I don't want to buy a big bottle now and then have it take up lots of space in my suitcase when I move to London in a few days). If I'm wearing a full face of makeup complete with mascara and eyeliner and all that jazz I will however use the Clinque take the day off cleansing balm first. This stuff is magic! It does give you panda eyes but it gets off even the most waterproof of mascaras while it still feels good and smooth on the skin. After I massaged this into my skin and feel my makeup dissolving I then wash it off with a damp flannel. I give my face another quick cleanse with some Bioderma to make sure that every last bit of makeup is gone before I then use my Avène washing gel again. 

Then comes moisturising and while my morning skincare is, like I said more targeted at hydration, my evening skincare is focused on helping with my breakout prone skin. I use the Dermalogica clear start overnight treatment like a moisturiser. I then apply the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo corrective and unclogging anti imperfection gel on any spots I might have (really only on big visible spots not on any minor imperfections.. ain't nobody got time for that every single day haha). Seeing as I am 25 years old I take my undereye moisturising very seriously. This creamy eye treatment from Kiehls with avocado feels really nice on my skin but leaves it quite sticky/oily so definitely only a PM product for me. Whether it really helps with those fine lines is something only time will tell. But oh god I do hope it does!

The extras:

I love a good mask. I currently have three I use on a regular basis. This 5 minute thermal detox mask from the Sanctuary Spa works with charcoal to clean and purify the skin. When you put it on your damp skin it begins to heat up in a nice warming way and works its magic. I like to use this in the mornings as it's so super quick and only needs to stay on for as long as it takes to make your morning cuppa. For a deeper cleanse I use the Origins Clear Improvements charcoal mask which is hands down the BEST mask if you suffer from breakouts! I feel like it really helps clear my skin. It is a bit drying though so make sure you moisturise thoroughly after using it. Another great one also from Origins is the Drink Up Intensive overnight mask which I like to use when my skin feels a bit tight or after a long day out in the sun as it just hydrates my skin overnight so that by the time I wake up the next day it's all soft and plump.

So that's it for my skincare routine. It might seem like a lot of products but I can assure you I know people with twice as many products in their routine :D

Do you use any of these products? What are your skin saviours? And which skincare products could you absolutely not live without? Leave me a comment below :)

Lots of Love
Jess xx

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2 Kommentare

  1. Great post! I'm always so weary when it comes to face products. My face has never been prone to breakouts but lately i've been getting spots after spots and I can't seem to get rid of them! Maybe i'll try some of these!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. Thanks lovely! I feel especially the Origins charcoal mask is the BOMB when it comes to getting rid of spots, let me know if you try it and how you get on with it :) xx