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Friday, May 22, 2015

I know, I know, two Fragrance Fridays in a row! Crazy! But what with my birthday last month I had some cash to splash and finally ventured out to repurchase one of my all time favourite fragrances: Clarins' Eau de Jardin.

I love the simplicity of this scent and the bottle it comes in. It smells very fresh of flowers and fruit and all things summer I find. It's probably best I just tell you what's in the bottle:

Grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, orange, black currant
Essential Oils: mint, bay leaves, rose, patchouli and cedar

I find the scent to be super uplifting and refreshing, an absolute pick me up scent and perfect for this time of year especially! It does smell like summer in a bottle and I currently wear Eau de Jardin all day everyday! It's a light weight day time scent that not only smells divine but has phyto-therapy benefits as well! The plant extracts moisturise the skin and leave it all soft and smooth. The black currant also has soothing properties.

I couldn't recommend this more, so if you're in the market for a new perfume you should most definitely give this one a sniff ;-)

Jess x

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