Monthly Goals: November

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I could start this post stating how shocked I am that it's November already, that October truly passed in the blink of an eye and that I have no idea where this year went, but what's new about that ey? So instead I'm gonna tell you how excited I am about it being November - like really REALLY excited - as I can now finally start to get all festive, count down the days til Christmas and annoy everyone with my yule soppiness, HOORAY :) So let's get into them goals shall we?


  • I have started with uni work, done some essay writing and the like but as you fellow sufferers out there might know, it just never seems to be enough. I can feel my stress levels rising again already so I don't know if I can tick this one off as done.. maybe it'll get half a tick...?
  • No, no and no. The only occasion in which I ate healthy this past month was that week I was in bed with the flu and had only soup and the occasional piece of fruit so this one was a fail! Why is it so hard though?!
  • Onto that thing with the gym.. I have been to the entrance hall of the gym to get some admin stuff straight I have been curious about. I did not bring my gym bag. I was not wearing my gym kit. I did not even look at the treadmill. I left immediately after talking to the manager. But I was there!
  • And then there was the goal where I wanted to figure out what I was gonna do for Halloween. And I even did. None of the planning helped though as I have been home with the flu for Halloween and spent the scariest night of them all watching horror movies with my brothers. Maybe next year?

Typing this I realise that all my goals were basically one big fat fail so let's hope I'll be a bit better with this month's.


  1. Start getting Christmas presents! I hate last minute gift shopping and always think about what to get my loved ones well in advance so I already have a couple of ideas and wanna get them sorted soon so that there is less to worry about come Christmas. Also getting some presents in November and some in December splits the cost between two monthly incomes and that's a good thing if you like me are a student and there is close to no monthly income!
  2. Start decorating! I love decorating for Christmas but unfortunately I share a house with the Grinch so I have to go about it subtly adding just a little at a time. I've got my fairy lights at the ready and am already looking for advent wreath inspiration.
  3. I won't bore you with a long explanation here but eating healthy and working out more are still goals to be achieved!
  4. Find a (cheap but cheerful) holiday location for February holidays as they will probably be my last long uni break and I kinda feel like I should make the most out of them and go somewhere nice that doesn't break the bank. I will however already be busy writing my thesis by February so we'll see how this works out but with some planning a little European holiday should be doable!

That's it for this month's goals. I hope these go a bit better than last month's and I can report back with some success stories. Until then I hope you'll all have a wonderful November! Are you already feeling the Christmas vibes  too? Do you have christmassy things on your to-do lists for the month?  Let me know in the comments below :)

Jess x

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