My May in Retrospect | 2016

Thursday, June 02, 2016

May was a weird month for me. Time has been creeping up on me and while my head is still somewhere in March it's actually gotten hot and summery. I don't know what's wrong but recently I haven't been in the best of places, job wise, life wise. But there were a few things that I like to look back on this past month because they actually made me feel a lot better about myself. 

One of them is definitely planning my upcoming trip to London! I've been loving sitting in front of my computer thinking of things to do, booking tickets and just generally getting really excited about the whole thing! I'm going to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child while I'm over there and if that weren't enough excitement already for a Potterhead like me, I'm also gonna go to the Harry Potter Studio tour in Leavesden! O to the M to the G I'm excited! It's a very Potter-heavy trip that one but chilling on roof tops, shopping til we're dropping as well as the odd afternoon tea and street food feast is just as much of a definite on my London list this year. It's only two weeks now and I can hardly wait any longer. I seriously have to hold myself back from packing my suitcase already...

Another thing brightening up things this May was that the weather was simply gorgeous most of the time. It was sunny and hot and lying in the garden in my shorts and crop top made me feel like I was on a beach somewhere in the Mediterranean (minus the actual sea, or the white sand.. but imagination is key people!). I enjoyed every minute of it, savouring every last ray of sunshine - so much so that I ended up with the season's first (and hopefully last) sunburn. Note to self: stock up on sun screen asap!

Oh and of course my new bike arrived and I started to go on little bike excursions! I love cycling and I don't know how the hell it took me so long to invest in a proper new bicycle. Living in the countryside means there's so many beautiful winding country roads to explore and so much nature around bursting with green at the moment. It's simply stunning! Living in Bavaria though also means there's few places you can get to without having to go uphill at least once. So I feel like I simultaneously upped my fitness game while I'm out cycling enjoying mother nature. And I'm not the red faced mess I am after a run, when I get home. Result!

I also really got a move on with my 2016 resolution to read more. I finished three really good books this month and I've already read as many books by this time now, as I managed to read in the whole of 2015. Yay! I've always been a bookworm but last year just got the better of me with uni work and dissertation stress and than the soul crushing act of job hunting. So I'm glad I'm back on track and taking the time to do what I love again. One of the books I read this month was 'Me before You' by Jojo Moyes, you might have seen that it made its way into my May Favourites. It literally took me no time at all to finish it and I'm still thinking about it now. I'm desperately waiting for the film to come to cinemas now so that I can go with all of my girlfriends and cry my eyes out in public, yay! Seriously if you haven't read it - even if you think it's not your thing, cause that's exactly what I thought first - I urge you to try it. It's an easy read and really helped me put things in perspective. I don't know, maybe it was just that it was exactly what I needed at that time in my life but I haven't read a book that stayed with me like that in a long time.

Well that's my little recap of the last 31 days. What did you get up to this May? Have you read 'Me before You'? Leave me a comment and let me know :)

Lots of Love,
Jess xx

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