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Friday, March 04, 2016

I've really been into gold jewellery for a while now and am slowly but steadily expanding my collection. I wanted to get a pretty gold necklace for months, something delicate and not too in your face. I've been looking all over the place for the perfect one until I finally came across this gorgeous number on Etsy! Etsy is also fast becoming one of my favourite online stores! I love how you can find something for everybody on there while you support independent jewellers and creative people all over the world!

The necklace I picked out has two hammered golden brass discs, one slightly bigger than the other, on a delicate yet rustic looking brass chain. It's handmade by jeweller Alyson Garvey from Tennessee, who might just be the nicest person ever! I say that because when we experienced some trouble with the necklace getting lost on its long journey over to Germany and never actually arrived at my door, we contacted Alyson and she was kind enough to send a replacement! I'm so grateful she did! And that's probably better customer service than you could expect from amazon, asos and all the other big online retailers!

The necklace itself was a present from my mum, originally for Christmas but oh well I got it in the end haha :-) I am simply in love with it! I wear it every day because it simply works with every outfit, never looks out of place but clearly boho-ifies every outfit!

If you are looking for a nice piece of boho-y (how many words can I make up using 'boho'?) jewellery I recommend you check out Alyson's Etsy page right now! I'm sure you'll find something there that you like. Simply click here for the necklace, or here for Alyson's page.

I wish I felt a little less awkward posing for photos..

Lots of Love,
Jess xx

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4 Kommentare

  1. Thank you! It looks great on you! :)
    - Alyson

  2. such a beautiful piece! i love the gold and the minimalistic feel goes with everything!

    1. Thanks Ying! I'm so in love with it! You're right it works with any outfit, I'm glad you like it :) xx