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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So last week when I went into a MAC store and came out with another two new lip product purchases I just really felt like sharing my growing collection of MAC lippies with you guys. I'm finding it harder and harder to resist buying ALL the matte lipsticks in there! My collection is also mainly made up of their matte formula lipsticks as (for me anyway) a 15£ rouge à lèvres is a bit of a splurgey item and therefore has to be better than anything I can get at the drugstore. And the MAC matte formula really is the best! I find even their bold colours to be so incredibly long lasting and smudge proof that I'm willing to invest haha! ;) That being said I also own a Lustre and a Cremesheen finish lipstick and a lipliner that'll make a quick appearance in this post as well.

MAC Pure Zen - Cremesheen

This was my first ever MAC lipstick! I picked it up together with my best friend Sarah as we were on the hunt for the perfect nude. I really like the colour, it works well with my skin tone and doesn't wash me out like other nudes. However the cremesheen finish makes it not very long lasting which is one thing I really don't like about this lipstick.. it vanishes rather quickly so you need to keep re-applying it throughout the day. The colour however is perfect for a casual makeup day or the office.

MAC Syrup - Lustre

This is probably my least worn MAC lipstick. Again the Lustre finish is rather glossy and the colour glides on easily but it just doesn't last very long on the lips. The colour is a nice everyday purple-ish pink that's very unoffensive but I basically only ever wear it when I wear little to no makeup but have to leave the house and want to give my face a pop of colour. It is a very nice lipstick though and I'm making it my mission here and now to wear it more often! :)

MAC Pink Plaid - Matte

One of the first MAC lippies I bought. I remember picking it up and then feeling quite upset at home when I tried it and found the colour waaaaay to cold for my complexion. It's this blue toned pink that gives your lips a kind of frosty look. But it has since become one of my firm favourites! I love mixing it with other colours or just slightly dabbing it on or even with lipgloss on top (and I'm really usually not a lipgloss person!). So yeah definitely one I wouldn't wanna miss in this collection!

MAC Spirit - Matte

I love this lipstick! It is perfection! The colour is this brownish but also slightly purple-ish tone that makes your lips look fuller than they really are (Kylie Jenner eat your heart out!) and who wouldn't love that eh? I have worn this religiously on nights out the entire year and I'm not gonna stop here haha!

MAC Mehr - Matte

The newest addition to my collection and one of the two aforementioned lip products I picked up at MAC last week. It is a similar shade to Pink Plaid but warmer toned which I love and I'm already wearing this a lot. It works perfectly for a day exploring London as well as a night out in the city! It's all round perfect and I'm happy I finally found Mehr in store as I've been looking for it for a while now.. it might just not have been out in Germany yet though..

MAC Lady Danger - Matte

I was on the hunt for this one for absolute ages and then luckily found it - when least expected - in a department store in Munich last summer. I have done an entire post on this gorgeous orange toned red on this blog because I was so in love with it. You can see that here. Or click here to see Lady Danger in action in my Impressions from Bayreuth

MAC Sin - Matte

Another one I haven't had that long. It's this gorgeous vampy red shade that I will definitely whip out a lot for nights out now that we're finally in autumn - my favourite season. There's nothing like dark burgundy or purple shades for autumn and winter, lips, coats, bags, everything! :) I'm also thinking I might well be able to incorporate MAC Sin into this year's Halloween look. Keep an eye on this blog to see more on that ;)

MAC Soar - Lipliner 

Haaaaaallelujaaahh! I found MAC Soar lipliner!! Can you believe it?! Whenever I asked for it it's always been out of stock due to high demand because obviously Kylie Jenner made this one quite famous. So last week when I was just casually having a look through the lipliner section to see if there were any to go with Mehr lipstick - which at that time I had already decided to take home with me - I just suddenly held it in my hands. Obviously I couldn't put it back. Now you might think the whole thing's not really worth the hype but let me tell you I wore it with MAC Mehr on a special day last week and I loved it! I'm definitely gonna try out other combinations over the next couple of weeks but I already know it was a good purchase haha!

So there you have it! My MAC lipstick (+1 lipliner) collection! I know there are people out there who'd laugh at me for even bothering to call 7 lipsticks a 'collection' but for me it is. I unfortunately can't afford to buy all the lipsticks all the time but I'll update you should I get any more :)

Do you have any MAC favourites you'd like to share? Which are your go to shades and which MAC lippies would you not wanna miss? Leave me a comment to let me know :)

Lots of Love,
Jess x

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4 Kommentare

  1. Lovely collection, all the shades look so pretty. I`m still not sure what my first Mac lipstick will be, but I`m gravitating towards a nude. I find them a bit expensive, but if it`s a colour that I`ll wear daily, then I can justify the purchase.

    1. They definitely are very expensive and I don't even wanna think about how much money I have standing on my makeup desk in the form of lipsticks haha :D A nude definitely seems like a clever investment! And go for the matte formula as I feel like you get more for your money there ;) xx

  2. I love MAC lipsticks, I think they have the best selection when it comes to colors and formula! I have many but non of these shades are in my collection yet. I want to try Sin!

     Miriam ♥ A whole lot of serendipity

    1. Ah I'm so in love with Sin! It's so perfect for this time of year I think! Do you have a MAC collection post as well? Only I love to have a look at other peoples picks :) xx