A Week In Photos - Life Lately #3

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Lately nothing much interesting has been going on in my life so I spent most of my time at home working on this little blog, doing some studying, some shopping and loads of cooking. But oh well, I think we all have them every once in a while, these underwhelming weeks so I thought why not share a few snippets of the past few days with you guys anyway. 

It's getting colder as we're heading closer to autumn so I can finally have a nice big bowl of porridge for breakfast again. Comfy food extreme!

Snacking on mangoes and fresh berries as a summery treat, even in this weather... and a glass of banana milk is the best way for me to stop me from craving sweets at the moment..

Seizing every moment of sunshine and going for walks taking in the beautiful nature around just makes me really happy :)

I also made my very first homemade bowl of hummus and we had it with pita bread, carrot sticks, red peppers and a little garlicky dip to switch things up a little. It was real good if I say so myself and I'm quite proud I got the right taste and texture.

Diggin' in.. :)

I am currently hooked on Dan Brown's Inferno and find it really hard to put it down which means I read til veeeery veeeery late at night.

Yup.. that's me in the kitchen again. The best thing about the end of summer is the never ending amount of plums which make delicious cakes. This one was a bit of an experimental one.. I tried different types of plums and a few apples because whilst I was at it I started craving an apple cake so badly that I just put some on.. :)

Meet my new roommate! I got this pretty little plant so that my cactus won't be lonely no more and to green up my room a little. We should all have lots of green in our rooms and houses they somehow just make you feel good! Also I still need something pretty for my little yellow flower pot preferably something blooming but I'm just not sure yet what to get.. Project Green Up Your Life therefore continues..

Sneeky little look at my recent autumn/winter inspired purchases. And yes, I got two checkered scarves and yes, I already have one checkered scarf but no, one cannot have too many checkered scarves...

I ventured out for cocktails with some friends and we ended up dancing the night away. This was much needed!

I hope you enjoyed this little look into my normal everyday life. What have you been up to lately?

Jess x

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6 Kommentare

  1. Amazing pictures! Can't wait to see your Autumn purchases!


    1. Thank you lovely! There will be a little lookbook kinda post up in the next couple of weeks which will definitely feature some of these purchases so stay tuned ;) xx

  2. Looks like you've had a lovely relaxing week :)


  3. Hello lovely! Such a wonderful post, thanks for sharing - gorgeous pictures!

    Please check out my new outfit post if you can;



    1. Thank you Helen :)

      I do check out ALL of your outfit posts, they're gorgeous! ;)