My Top 5 Tan Enhancing Nail Polishes For Summer

Friday, July 04, 2014

The weather really is super nice and summery hot at the moment so what better time to talk about my favourite tan enhancing nail polish shades. These make your skin look super healthy and summery and at the same time they're a real eye catcher.

Blanc, Essie

I adore this shade! It looks so effortlessly chic, applies opaque in one or two coats and is really on trend as well. If you apply a shade lighter than your skin tone you will automatically look a lot more tanned so obviously white is a safe bet.

Mint Candy Apple, Essie

I can't believe I only got this shade a couple of weeks ago! It's the perfect pastelly green. The light finish of this one accentuates any bit of tan you might have while looking chic and cool on the nails at the same time.

Tart Deco, Essie

This is a super pretty flourescent pinky corally shade. It basically screams summer! Any flourescent neon shade will make your skin stand out but this might well be the best one out there.

Bikini So Teeny, Essie

A nice pastel blue shade that can turn into a proper baby blue if you put 3 coats on. Perfect for the summer holidays or a day by the pool looking all swish.

Little Princess, P2

I got this one from a friend a while ago and my initial thoughts were "Why would anyone ever wear something as hideously baby pink as this?!" Oh my I couldn't have been more wrong! I gave it a go and absolutely loved how tanned it made me look. I love wearing this one on my toes especially! This might actually be the most tan enhancing one of them all!

Have you got any of these shades? What do you think of them? What are your favourite polishes to make you look more tanned? Put any recommendations my way please :)

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