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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I've been kinda addicted to Youtube for quite a while now and the obsession seems to be growing and growing so I thought why not share my 3 favourite Youtube channels with you guys today? Maybe you're on the look out for new channels to watch? Or maybe there are some Youtubers you particularly like that I haven't yet found out about, if so leave me a comment and tell me about them :) So let's get crackin' shall we?

# 1 Hannah Maggs
I love love love love love Hannah's channel! I found it sometime round December last year or January this year (it was cold and I was in need of procrastination as I had to study.. haha) and immediately fell in love with her videos! Hannah's a young mummy to beautiful little Grayson and does weekly vlogs uploading each Sunday. I love how open she is about all things life and about being a mummy. And I love seeing little Grayson grow up, he is such a cutie! Also her vlogs are so well edited by Hannah's husband Stef it makes me wanna cry. #SundayNightWithTheMichalaks has become a Sunday night ritual for me which I wouldn't wanna miss! There are also little chatty videos, hauls, tutorials and other stuff on her channel so I highly recommend you head over and have a look after reading this post ;)


# 2 Vivianna Does Makeup
I've been subscribed to Anna's channel for quite a while now and I don't think she ever uploaded a video that I didn't enjoy. There's a lot of beauty and fashion over on her channel so if you're into that this is the one for you! Anna is one of those people who can sell me literally ANYTHING! Some of my makeup favourites were actually inspired by her. Besides all that there's also the occasional cooking video which I really enjoy and which always make me want to get out my apron and start recreating the recipe! Last but not least there's a weekly vlog every Tuesday which I am looking forward to basically all week! I love how in her vlogs Anna shares her life with us (even if it's just a make-up free day in front of the computer editing and blogging), she seems such a genuine, down to earth and all round nice person! If you haven't watched Vivianna Does Vlogging you're missing out!

# 3 Essie Button
Estée runs two Youtube channels and while I really, really enjoy her beauty videos on her main channel (oh all those Essiebutton induced buys... what if I never heard of the Bobbi Brown lipstick in Rosie.. my life would be so lacking..) it's her vlog channel that I'm obsessed with! I love watching her, her boyfriend Aslan and their cute greyhound Reggie. Her vlogging feels so honest because even though she takes us to different places around London, different galleries, parks, markets and meetings she also shares her everyday make-up free life at home when nothing greatly glamourous is going on. I also really really enjoy all the food in the vlogs, there's food hauls, there's cooking and BBQs and there's so many different restaurants and places to eat that look sooo soo good (I'm definitely gonna check some of them out next time I'm in London town), if you're as much into food, beauty and London as I am, you will love Essie's channel - it also helps that she seems to be the nicest person on the planet :)

So that's my Top 3 favourite Youtubers at the moment! There are many more I enjoy watching and if you'd like me to, I will post the rest of my Youtube obsessions on here as well in another post :) Do you watch any of my favourites? What is it that got you hooked on their channels? What are your all time favourite Youtubers? Do you have any suggestions for me? I'm always on the look out for a good vlog :)

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