My Birthday Weekend In Pictures

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

 Last weekend I went to Austria to meet up with two of my favourite ladies and to celebrate my birthday a little bit. We all met in London 4 years ago (4 years already! Time flies!) and as we live in different countries we don't get to see each other as often as we would like. However we always try to find some time for a little meet-up, to catch up with each other and get all sentimental about our London past. I had such a nice weekend away with my friends and a very relaxed birthday at home on Monday, that I decided to share a couple of photos with you:

The ladies :)

Lovely countryside at my friend's place
Pimms o'clock :)
A little reminder of summertime BBQs in London
My fortune cookie was speaking words of wisdom..
Enjoying all the sunshine :)
Heading out - weird faces edition

Mirror pictures - a must.

We were just hanging out...
We arrived in town - Salzburg is such a pretty city, this picture doesn't do it justice!


We decided to spend the night in an Irish pub called O'Malleys and had an awesome time
Trio fatale :)

My lovelies :)

Gorgeous Conny :)
The next morning needed a power breakfast with lots of vitamins and I have to say I got a little excited about the Weetabix as I haven't had any for years (another reminder of life in England..)

A little pampering session was had with strawberry masks :)
After a cosy morning in bed watching films we then went out to have lunch in a castle!

The town of Mattighofen

Pretty flowers at the castle

We even made a new friend...
On Sunday afternoon we had to say Good Bye and I was off home again..

At home I made some macarons

Healthy eating took a day off on my birthday *yumm*

I've been well and truly spoilt by my famiy and friends

At night we went out to see "A long way down" which is based on one of my all time favourite books by Nick Hornby. I've been waiting for someone to make a film out of this book since I was 15 years old and finally it happened! I really enjoyed the film and would absolutely recommend it to everyone! :)

I hope you enjoyed this rather picture-heavy post. Thanks for reading lovely people! :)


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2 Kommentare

  1. Happy belated birthday! Austria's a beautiful place to celebrate it (I was in Innsbruck last weekend!), and sounds like you had the best time :) xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

    1. Thank you Rebecca! I did have the best time :) And Innsbruck is on my list as well :) xx