The Early Bird's Christmas Gift Guide

Monday, October 23, 2017

I know it’s only October but guys have you realised that Christmas is a mere 8 Mondays away?! EIGHT! So for all of you out there who - like me – want to keep gift shopping stress to a bare minimum I thought I’d start a little early on this year’s Holiday gift guides.

I love giving gifts and I love the process of picking just the right thing for each person. I want the gifts I give to be thoughtful and individual. I want my loved ones to feel that I made an effort in choosing them. And most of all, I want the gifts I pick to bring joy to their recipients. 

However finding that perfect gift ain’t always easy. If you’re stuck for ideas head to UncommonGoods to find inspiration. UncommonGoods offers a vast selection of handmade, organic and recycled products from artists and small manufacturers that create and produce cruelty free goods. They also do their best to minimise their use of natural resources such as paper by mostly doing business online and therefore reducing print mediums like catalogues. I’ve spent quite some time scrolling through their site the other day as there are sooo many unique products to chose from. I found some dangley earrings that my mum would love, as well as several jewellery and art bits that I would love to call my own.

I found quite a few unique little gifts that would make perfect stocking fillers too! See what I liked best below and find even more cute ideas here:

When I went on to get some gift ideas for my besties I was almost overwhelmed with all the funny, quirky and lovely gifts! However I picked out some favourites for my girl friends:

But I kept the best thing for last guys. There's a whole selection of gifts, that you can personalise  for just the person you want to give it to! And aren't personalised gifts the most special to receive? See a list of personalised gift ideas on this page here. Here's what caught my eye the most:

The UncommonGoods website is real easy to navigate as well. There’s something for everyone and you can chose the ideas displayed to you by budget, selection, recipients and more.

I hope you found this post helpful and maybe you even came across the perfect gift for a loved one and can start ticking off that Christmas shopping list early. Please also note, that UncommonGoods donates 1$ with every purchase you make to a non-profit organisation that you can chose from a list at check out. 

Lots of Love,
Jess xx

*This post is sponsored by UncommonGoods. Words and opinions are 100% my own.

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