October (& September) Favourites | 2016

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

There hasn’t been a Favourites post on here in a while due to all the chaos with the move and the (still non-existent) internet in my new place but there’s so many things I’ve been loving that I just had to put a post together! I feel like a proper grown-up with this list of favourites! It’s so full of adult-y stuff! Let’s get into it shall we?

My own flat

Wooooohooooo! I moved out! I live in my own little flat now! OK, it’s a tiny little shithole of a place BUT I have to say I’m quite proud of how I made it look so far! It’s definitely still a work in progress and will sure be for a while but I’m getting there! Lots of greenery and all the fairy lights in the world can make even my place look like a cosy little chill out area! Once I’ve finally got curtains for my massive windows I might stop feeling like I’m being spied on 24/7 and if I could somehow do something about that gruesome hospital-like fluorescent light I’d almost go as far as to say I might feel at home in this place. So you see, I love having my own place and the freedom that comes with it at the same time it’s not all I was hoping for. But onwards and upwards eh?

My new Klarstein kettle

Oh oh granny alert! Yes I actually have an electric kettle as a favourite in this post! I had my eye on this one ever since I knew I was gonna move out but didn’t want to buy it at first as I’d been given my dad’s old kettle for free and money always sits a little tight when you move anyway so yeah. But as you can probably tell, my money saving resolutions didn’t last very long and I ended up buying the kettle three weeks later haha! It’s perfection! It looks a little like a retro kettle you would put on your stove which I love but even better than that: it’s got a temperature indicator! If you, like me, love a good cup of green or white tea, you will know the struggle! You’re supposed to brew green and white tea with 80°C hot water - easy peasy with this kettle! I drink even more tea since I got this and I didn’t even think that was possible! I’ve got the Klarstein kettle in the colour egg shell.

My first own car

I’m gonna share a whole post on my new car with you, but couldn’t do a favourites post without mentioning it! I’m so so SO in love with it! It’s the perfect little city car that gets me everywhere and always finds a parking space somewhere. Have I mentioned that I’m in love with it? Yes? Well, won’t hurt to say it again: I LOVE MY NEW CAR!

Jojo Moyes’s The One Plus One

Ever since I read Me After You, I kinda fell in love with Jojo Moyes writing and bought one book after the other written by her. This is the latest I read and I adored it! It’s so easy to think yourself into the story and feel for the different characters and really identify yourself with them! It’s definitely what people commonly call a girly book but whatevs eh? I think it’s a real feel good novel that everybody can somehow identify with and yes there’s just the right amount of romance in there as well. If you’re looking for an easy read that’s entertaining as well as giving you the feels, pick it up ;)

Homemade lemon and ginger tea

I love myself a hot cup of homemade lemon and ginger tea! Especially in the colder months now where there’s lots of colds and flus around this is the perfect little helper to keep your immune system on track! I shared my recipe for this energy booster on here before so if you’re looking for the perfect health kick check it out here.

Colourful leaves and crisp air

Oh autumn! You beautiful beautiful thing! You most gorgeous of seasons! I love it when all the leaves on the trees turn shades of red and orange and the grounds are covered in crunchy colourful leaves. I feel like a child walking to work at the moment demonstratively walking through the biggest piles of autumn leaves smiling from one ear to the other. Does anybody else (beyond the age of 9) do this? No? Well you’re missing out! I’ve always been an autumn lover but I feel like the older I get the more I love it. It just gives me all the cosy feels, I just wanna have long chilly walks out in nature followed by making big mugs of tea and snuggling up in bed with a good book – 24/7 preferably – with the odd autumn market stroll and pumpkin dish thrown in for good measure. Awwww just thinking about it…

Salted pistachios

I’ve recently rediscovered my love for salted pistachios. Aren’t they just the best snack ever?! And as far as snacking goes, they’re pretty healthy too! Pistachios are packed full of antioxidants and valuable minerals and are also said to improve immune function! I still can’t get over the fact that something this delicious can actually be healthy too! Blows my mind! To be honest I even prefer them to crisps and that’s a bold statement for me cause I love my crisps! So yeah go ahead and try them if you haven’t already, I know they don’t exactly come cheap but just think of all those benefits!

My big train station clock

I needed a big clock for my apartment but couldn’t find one that I liked and that didn’t break the bank for ages. Then a couple of weeks back I found this one at Aldi! Yes, ALDI!! It’s a massive black vintage looking clock, fit for any train station and it now lives on the wall opposite my bed. It says ‘Kensington Station London clocks’ on it which I love because as you guys know I used to live in London for 2 years of my life and the city will forever have my heart so every little bit of London that I can get into my Munich flat is more than welcome haha!

Going to the cinema: SMS für dich & Bridget Jones

In autumn/winter I tend to go to the cinema a lot more often. I don’t know if it’s the colder weather that makes me wanna spend more time inside or the darker evenings that have me fancy cosiness over parties. Whatever it is, it had me go to the cinema twice in October. I went to see ‘SMS für dich’ at the beginning of the month. It’s a German romantic comedy based on the book of the same name and it’s such a lovely movie! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside – I’m really into romantic movies lately, more than I ever have been, I even enjoy having a good cry while watching them haha.. I’m turning into a softie! I also watched Bridget Jones late last month. I’ve been waiting for this for SO long! I’m the biggest Bridget Jones fan out there and I have to say I absolutely loved the new one! It was just the right amount of funny and romantic! Have you seen any of them? What did you think about the new Bridget Jones?

Wow guys, this is one favourites list! What did you most love this October? Are you an autumn lover like me? Well leave me a comment and let me know, in the meantime I’ll go and make myself the fifth cup of tea for the day :)


Lots of Love,
Jess xx

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