My August in Retrospect | 2016

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August was one hell of a month! We had full on summer temperatures for most of August, so sunbathing, ice cream dates and little country get-aways were dominating my to do lists for the past couple of weeks. There were also job interviews to get through and (believe it or not!) I found a job!! So yeah I guess you can see that for me August was one of the better ones, but let's get into it from the start:

Right at the beginning of the month I went on a little family vacay to the very south of Germany to spend a few lovely and relaxing days in the Bavarian Alps, clearing our heads and enjoying ourselves. You might have seen my photo heavy post about our trip already, but if not I'll link it here and urge you to take a peek at it - it will make you wanderlust hard I promise :) I had the best of times hiking and seeing new things and just generally breathing fresh mountain air. I wish we could have stayed longer but on holidays as well as with many other things, time simply flies by when you're having fun. I still love scrolling through my photos though as it was just such a perfect weekend.

About a week after that I had a day full of job interviews. So I grabbed my best friend and we drove down south to job interview city and filled the gaps between interviews with shopping and good food. I was so nervous that day and having my friend with me really helped so I'm grateful that she took the time to come with me even though it meant she had to postpone an appointment! I really do have the best friends in the whole wide world! We had some Vapiano goodness for lunch and I stocked up on some V. photogenic bowls for future recipe shots haha. So we really made the most of our time there.

I also went on lots of little day trips to cities and places in the vicinity that I had never managed to visit before. And boy do we have a lot of beautiful things to see and do around here. We hiked the Franconian Switzerland, which is a mountainous area in the Bavarian state of Franconia, home to lots and lots of medieval castles and caves as well as some really cool kayak tours. We visited castle Rabenstein and the Sophienhöhle limestone cave, as well as the local falconry that is home to many stunning wild birds! I had an amazing time even though the drive there had some really narrow streets uphill that made me break out in a cold sweat but hey-ho we got there in the end and it turned out to be well worth the hassle :)

Then last week, I heard back from one of the companies I had an interview with and they actually offered me the job!! I just couldn't believe it I was soooooo happy! I finally found a proper full time job in my field! I'm gonna start in HR, which was one of my three majors at University and I'm so happy I finally got my foot in the door at a big organisation where I'm sure I will learn loads! I will have to move away from home for this job which is scary and exciting all at the same time. I can't wait to have big city life back, while at the same time I'm already missing my country walks. I'm excited about all the new opportunities and people I will meet, while at the same time I feel sad to leave my friends behind. I am by no means moving real far away so really it's ridiculous to even use the phrase 'leave my friends behind' because we could easily still see each other lots, it will just need a little more planning ahead in the future. I'm not gonna go into it any deeper here because I'll write up a little post about the move as well as the new job when I get round to it - it might take a while though as I'm currently busy packing my life into boxes and I really wasn't aware how much stuff I own - but bear with me guys, even if you won't hear from me for a while I will be back and tell you all about it :)

And as if that wasn't exciting enough already, on Saturday I went and bought myself a car! Well, I went and looked at it, took it for a little test drive and decided that I need it in my life. It's a teeny weeny little black VW, that has been rolling the streets of Germany for quite a few years already but it's quite enough for me for now and I'm just happy that in a couple of weeks I can call it mine! I will probably only register it come October/ mid October when all things job and flat are settled a little more but I'm already giddy with excitement about my first car! I'm pondering what to name it already - as if there weren't any more pressing matters to think about.. duh! - but I just can't help myself, I'll keep you guys posted haha :)


Well yes, that was my August! Pretty mental right?! How was yours? Did you have a good time? Did you go on holidays? See new things? Had new opportunities arise? I'd love to hear from you, simply drop me a line in the comments below!

P.S.: By the way guys, there won't be a Favourites post this month simply because most of them are already packed into boxes and taking nice photos is impossible at the moment cause there's not a spot in the house that hasn't got a box or otherwise chaos in the background somewhere - I'm sorry and I hope you understand! I will add any August loves to my September Faves so you won't miss them :)

Lots of Love,
Jess xx

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4 Kommentare

  1. Oh yay!! Congrats on the new job!! Your August sounded like it was amazing :)

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. Thaaaanks (basically squealing this haha). It truly was an amazing month. Excited what September will bring now, with all the newness :) xx

  2. There's not much more pressing than naming the car! Did you find the perfect one yet?
    Congratulations again on the new job, that's such brilliant news.
    M x

    1. I think you're absolutely right, ha! :) I found a cute little car that's perfect for the city :) And thank you so much, I'm really excited :) xx