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Thursday, July 07, 2016

The temperatures are rising here in Europe and I'm lovin' it! I don't know about you guys but when it's hot outside I don't really feel like having a big meal and I most definitely don't feel like spending ages in the kitchen when I could be sitting outside enjoying life haha :) For those days there's nothing better than a cold soup! And no one does them better than the Spanish! I adore this gazpacho recipe and it's a big hit with my family and friends as well. You can whip it up in absolutely no time, you don't need any fancy ingredients (so your wallet will love it just as much as you will) and it's refreshing and filling at the same time! So here's what you'll need:


🍅 2 slices of toast
🍅 1/2 cucumber
🍅 1 small onion
🍅 1 red pepper
🍅 1 clove of garlic
🍅 1 can of tomatoes (~ 400g)
🍅 4 tbsp olive oil
🍅 150 ml vegetable stock
🍅 salt + pepper + (plenty of) chili
🍅 fresh basil


Get rid of the crust of your toast then chop it into squares. Half the cucumber and deseed it, then chop it into small chunks as well. Cut up all the other ingredients. You might want to peel the pepper as it gives the soup a more creamy consistency if you do. Put everything in your blender and add the oil, tomatoes and vegetable stock. Blitz it all up til you've got a smooth and creamy consistency. Add salt, pepper and chili to taste then pop your soup into the fridge for about 30 minutes. Garnish with basil leaves and enjoy! :)

See? No hassle at all! If you're looking for a quick summer meal to enjoy with your friends or your family you should really give this a go :) What are your favourite summer foods? What do you like to 'cook' in the hotter months? Leave me any links to your favourite recipes in the comments below, I love trying new things :) 

Lots of Love,
Jess xx

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2 Kommentare

  1. I've always wanted to try gazpacho as they look and sound so delicious, but I just don't know how I feel about a bowl of cold soup haha! I might have to give it a try one day, because this looks so nice!
    xo April | April Everyday

    1. Haha I know how you feel it's a weird concept I agree! But do try it and you'll see that actually it's awesome to have cold soup in the summer haha :) xx