Lombagine Makeup Workshop

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Last Friday me and a couple of friends had a private little makeup workshop at Lombagine, to learn more about what colours suit each of us and what the best techniques are when it comes to applying the products. As I'm a bit of a makeup geek anyway there wasn't much I hadn't heard before but it was still a nice experience. And who would have thought I'd suit green eyeshadow? GREEN! Not me that's for sure, but it worked so well I'm tempted to raid the shops for my perfect green!

Lombagine is an Austrian brand selling high end makeup as well as all the brushes a girl could need. They pride themselves in selling not only solely decorative cosmetics but actually makeup that nourishes the skin as well as making it look good. Their products are enriched with all sorts of natural ingredients known to be aiding skin health. Another thing I found astonishing about Lombagine is that they also cater for the skin care and makeup needs of men! They admitted that it's not as big a market but who knows what the future'll bring?

I especially enjoyed it when we were shown how to apply foundation so that it looks absolutely flawless and super natural! We created a subtle day time look and I'm sure I'll be recreating it next time I don't have a 5am shift haha. And I'm excited about my brush order to arrive, because that stippling brush is serious BRUSH GOALS people!

Have you ever heard of Lombagine before? Do you use any of their products? Or have you had a similar workshop with other brands? Leave me a comment to let me know :)

Lots of Love,
Jess xx

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