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Saturday, February 27, 2016

I recently found this little TAG on YouTube and knew it was calling my name! I love having tea and my overflowing tea cupboard is a sure fire sign of that! So I took the liberty to answer these 10 questions and hope you like it!

1. Do you prefer hot or cold tea?
Definitely hot! I mean I love making my own iced teas on a hot summer's day for some much needed refreshment but I definitely have more hot tea. But.. doesn't everybody?

2. Strong or Weak?
Strong! I hate weak tea.. I don't see a point in it.. my tea just needs some oomph haha.

3. Loose leaf tea or tea bag?
As much as I'd like to say loose leaf, I have to admit most of the time the tea I drink comes from a tea bag. It's just quicker, more convenient and soooo easy. But I do own quite a few loose leaf teas so maybe I should try a little harder haha!

4. Do you buy your tea out or do you steep it at home?
I rarely buy tea out but always steep it at home. Getting tea out is like a special treat with friends or family, not an everyday occurrence. Most days in winter you will see me carrying a thermos of tea on my commute that I made just before leaving the house in the mornings :-)

5. Favourite cold tea?
Hibiscus iced tea, hibiscus iced tea and.. hmm.. oh.. hibiscus iced tea! Haha :-) If you haven't tried it you're missing out! Go and get yourself a cuppa!

6. Favourite hot tea?
Well, this is tricky! There's sooooo many teas I love. I love a good cup of white tea, especially Clipper's white tea and vanilla, but also really enjoy green tea like the Twinings green tea fudge melts. At the moment I'm also particularly obsessed with my loose leaf jasmine tea from Whittard's Chelsea. So as you can see, I clearly have no easy answer to this.

7. When do you like to drink your tea? Morning, Afternoon, Night, etc?
Anytime really.. I'm always having tea in the morning right after I get up and another cup on my way to work.. but when I'm home I'm definitely drinking a lot more than 2 cups of tea :-)

8. What do you like in your tea? Cream, Milk, Sugar, etc?
If it's black tea I like to drink it with milk but no cream or sugar will ever touch my tea haha! When I make my fruity iced teas in the summer I sweeten them with honey.

9. Have you always liked tea?
Yep! My mum always made tea for me and my brothers when we were little so I really grew up with it and always loved tea.

10. What is a tea that you recommend?
Read number 6 haha! Also teapigs liquorice and peppermint! Or Yorkshire Gold if we're talking black tea! :-)

Are you a tea lover as well? Make sure to do this tag on your blog as well! I'd love to read your answers so leave me your links :-)

Lots of Love,
Jess xx

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