A Note On Thesis Writing

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So as you will know if you're a regular reader of this blog, I am currently working on my thesis so that I can finally call myself a Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies come August. Well let me tell you.. thesis writing is stressful and not at all fun! I grew to dread waking up in the morning as it just meant another day slaving away in front of the computer! Now that I can finally see a (rather dim) light at the end of the tunnel I thought I'd share 10 little facts about thesis writing that all of you who already went through this can probably relate to:

  1. Deadline terror! You know the day you're due to hand in your thesis better than you know your best friend's birthday. It's basically imprinted on your retina and it makes you break out in sweat approximately 10 times a day..
  2. The German language has an estimated 5.3 million words (not counting 'yolo') and yet there seems to be not one single little synonym if you're looking for one! I mean.. come on?!
  3. You spend more time worrying about the correct quoting technique and perfect footnotes than you do on actually writing that thesis.. fear of plagiarism keeps you awake at night!
  4. Just thinking about the day you'll have to read through all of it again makes you well up with tears..
  5. The cost of printing and binding your thesis is making you feel sick! You're currently saving up to be able to afford it while your facebook timeline is filled with your friends posting about their booked flights and summer holiday destinations.
  6. You have no social life! Like absolutely none! Shall the occasion arise and you're in fact leaving the house for a birthday party you will only talk about your thesis and be a bore for everyone around you..
  7. Seeing that you're in front of your computer 24/7 amazon, zalando and asos are only a click away.. online shopping galore! (this point is also strongly linked to point 5..)
  8. Every night before bed you get this overwhelming feeling of injustice. You feel like no one ever had to go through this and life really is treating you unfairly
  9. All of a sudden cleaning your room has such a strong appeal.. come to think of it the kitchen might need a little wipe down as well.. oh and the car hasn't been washed in a while oh and isn't cleaning the loo just the most GLORIOUS idea!
  10. You most likely cry yourself to sleep at night..

And that's that! Can you relate? I for one can't wait for it do be all over so that I can finally enjoy the summer! If you're currently busy with writing your thesis, try to remember you're not alone and also: this too shall pass ;-)

Jess x

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