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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

As you might know from (all) of my social media I recently went to see Bear's Den play live at Strom Club in Munich. It was AMAZING! I loved their set! It was quite an intimate show, in a small venue with not too many people crammed in and me and my friend got a spot right in front of the stage (absolutely essential if you're a dwarf like me..!) so it couldn't have been more perfect. The support act - Alex Vargas - who I've never heard of before was incredibly good as well and I spend a lot of time listening to his songs now! Bear's Den however totally rocked the stage. They seem like super nice guys and are funny as well! The band played three of their songs acoustic so the whole venue went all quiet and it was absolutely magical! I for one wanted it to last forever.. or at least to have them play at my place the next day.. and the day after.. and so on.. for all eternity.. but oh well, I'm back to listening to the album over and over and over again haha. 

A word of warning though to everybody planning to go to Munich for a gig/holiday/whatever: Check if there's a football match that day. Coincidentally Bayern Munich was playing Cologne that day and oh boy never have I seen that many people in one tiny little underground station singing their little hearts out. Bayern won - so it was all good in the end haha!

So here's some (grainy..) pictures of the night (and the next day) for you :-)

FOTN - gig edition

Happy - even though all the snow had ruined my curls..

Excitement levels were high!

Support act: Alex Vargas


My mum treated me to some sushi the next day, for passing my exams - Yay! :-) So Miso soup for starters obvs!


And I even managed to leave some room for green tea ice cream! You can find out how to make some yourself here :-)

I hope you liked this little sneak peek into my weekend. Admittedly it was the weekend before last as I was off blogging last week due to feeling rather poorly. But I'm back to my normal schedule now :-) 

Have you been to a concert lately? What are your favourite bands at the moment?

Jess x

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